#P1—...publishing a book, and I have not yet spoken with an Author Advisor

I have questions before I send in my Manuscript for evaluation. I understand that there is no charge for this review.

#P2—...My book has been accepted, and I wish to review all options and costs

Since my Manuscript has been accepted for publication, I would like to speak with my Author Advisor on what the evaluators had to say about editing, content, marketing and product development.

#P3—...My book. I have already signed my Publishing Agreement and made my first payment

I have begun the publishing of my book, and I now have questions.

#M1—...renting an SDA mailing list

TEACH Services maintains mailing lists for over 300 thousand Seventh-day Adventist homes. I am interested in getting information.

#G1—...TEACH Services or its departments

Please indicate your questions or points of discussion on the booking form.

#R1—...RMM (Resource Ministry Magazine)

Interested in promoting your product or ministry? Reach over 185,000 active Adventist members, leadership, churches, schools, hospitals, and more!